This is Buddy our pride and joy.  He is hands down the most well rounded border collie that I have ever owned.  He works cattle, plays fetch, frisbee, does adgility and obediance.  He is great with little children, he is even a pony from time to time.  Buddy is a classic marked Border collie and is medium coated, and about 45 lbs. 

Buddy Our Stud
The Girls

Bella is our Awsome Black White and Tan tri color girl. Bella is Medium coated and has sable undercoat.   She is an excellent Border Collie Female, she is gentle with children and does well with herding. 
she is a smooth coated red and white girl.  She has a strong desire to please and a wonderful personality.  She is an intense worker when it comes to moving cows.  Though she is gentle enough to play with my 18mth old.  Her Grandma is Lockeye's Penny and she has other excellent bloodlines in her pedigree. 


This is our girl ABBY.  She is the picture of sweetness and is as pretty as a border collie comes.  She is a medium built, medium coated traditional Black and white.  She has great drive, but is not to hard to work sheep and lambs.

Rosie Pictured with her  son MIC our up and comming Stud.  Watch for his puppies soon!